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A Million To One

News Flash:  I recently transferred AMTO from the original (1990) tape to CD.  It has been digitally re-mastered (I think.)  It should be available in stores some time within the the next 10 to 15 years.  Features all of these unforgettable hits that you grew up listening to:  In a Million Years, Life on Life's Terms, Misty Morning, The Door, Nuclear Triad, I Met Her in a Dream, All the Colors of Sound, A Generic Love Song, Love, Love, The Rose Garden, Look, Thalidomide, Pen-Pals, How Can I Describe?, Again, Something About Lana, In the Woods, Maroon Moon, The Freedom Trek Song, and LAPC Dream.

Classical Guitar Repertoire

This is me playing Alman on a wav file. Alman was written by Robert Johnson (? – 1634).  I haven't figured out yet how to keep the main screen up, so you will be shuttled to a new screen.  There are a few mistakes.  Mainly, I did this just as a proof of concept – to show that I could get things from my guitar to the pc to the website.  It works!   Plz check back soon for other selections!  :-) 

Songs That I Have Written

Eventually this page will have samples of some of my own songs.  For now, you will just have to pretend that you can hear them:  * A Million To One * Harmonica * Piano *  Recent (the last 14 years) *


How I Learned to Play the Guitar

I started playing the guitar way back in 1982. Chris White traded me his original "learner" guitar for my original "learner" harmonica. In 1984 I bought a new guitar for $50(?), then in 1985 I bought another new one for $300(?) - which I still have.  Along the way I also had two electric guitars, but I no longer own them. (I wonder where they are?)  Eventually I got a day job as computer programmer - and that is what I still do! :-)


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