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The Pyramid



The Mouse Trap

The Things For Which I Now Complain

Shall I Thee Wed?

The Fundamental Condition

Time Went By Quickly - tbi

The Matrix Blue and Green

I'm Bringing My Seeds

The Appendix

Instinct and Music The Bubble Blower
Poor, Middle-Class or Wealthy? Ever, Ever Again
The Meditating Mind - tbi Ever More Slowly
A Good Society The Lady Guitarist
I Shall Shed This Shameful Shell What I Can Share
Houndee's Poem Dear Georgina
Fernanda of the Pool My Resume Attitude
Having Company Over Time and Chance
There We Stood  
Is This Love? Tus Ojos Lindos


The Pyramid    < top >


I dreamt about a pyramid
Long corridors were inside of it
    And I met a man - or maybe he met me
    Somehow I knew what his future would be

I saw some jewelry with a strange inscription
Then I was looking down - as if from heaven
    Seeing long rows of treasure in display cases
    Golden idols with solemn faces

Before I left, I said to my guide:
"You know, the pyramid looks the same from every side"
    Although now that seems to have no special meaning
    During my dream it was very intriguing


Love!    < top >


O terrible rocket ride
    Take me if you must
For I am shriveled up inside
    Outside I rust

Those tender evenings
    With wild honeysuckle filling the air
Still haunt me exciting
    Though, negative time blocks my passage there

Yet all this madness soft belies
    My subtleness intent
Gaze baby, gaze into my eyes
    What love we shall invent!


U.O.F    < top >


I dreamt about a flying saucer
At twilight, with my brother in law there

    It crashed into the pavement
    And turned into a parchment

That I had once written
Now unnoticed or forgotten.


The Mouse Trap    < top >


I caught a mouse in a little wooden trap
I heard the snap

        -    -    -    -    -    -

Little drops of blood were sprinkled all about
(I threw the corpse out)

    I couldn't find the cheese I used to set it
    I wonder if he ate it?
        -    -    -    -    -    -

My trap is set, it sits and rests
Waiting for another guest

    And then I wondered - could it be -
    Has a trap been set ... for me?

The Things For Which I Now Complain    < top >

The things for which I now complain
Do seem to be a valid pain
    But when I take a second look
    And see the things for granted took
Which ... (were they not for granted taken)
Would re-adjust my warped perception
    From: thinking that my life is cheated
    To: feeling balanced, grounded, seated.

Shall I Thee Wed?    < top >

Shall I thee wed?
As we listened a Voice said ...
    Yet too absorbed we often are
    To hear His Voice - though it is not far
Nor too soft to clearly hear
It's just that listening we fear
    Since it means giving up control
    (As if I were ever competent to guide it all.)

The Fundamental Condition    < top >

I dreamt about a proposition
It was the Fundamental Epistemological Condition
    I.E., "For every thing that is known,
    There exists something that is unknown"
I present it as an observation
With no meaning, bearing or application

Time Went By Quickly    < top >


The Matrix    < top >

I dreamt about an identity matrix
Some variables were free and some were fixed


    The free variables were r, s and t

    For things in my future that may still be


Then a voice said:  "It's time to come in now, Number 1"

I thought God was saying my life was done


    My heart would stop beating

    Then, God, meeting ...

Blue and Green    < top >

In my dream I saw the ocean

There were blue-green waves in endless motion

And I knew that it was in my imagination

And that I could control it by concentration


Then I thought: I'll change this scene -

I'll keep the ocean blue and green

    But I'll add the waves from a speeding ship -

    Suddenly the waters began to churn and lift


I could see the way the bow carved through the water

But I didn't see any ship there -

    It was an oddly hypothetical type of dream

    With glistening ribbons of blue and green

I'm Bringing My Seeds    < top >

I dreamt about landing with a group on Mars
We were arguing about growing plants in jars

Some said it could not be done

    Because the soil was improper
But I said there must be at least one
    Kind of plant that would grow there

The man that I argued with seemed zealously confident
(He said that he represented the scientific establishment)


As far as I'm concerned he was totally wacko

And I'm bringing my seeds with me when I go!

The Appendix    < top >

I dreamt about a Calc book

It had an appendix explaining how men and women look

    Differently ...

    Subcutaneously ...


The organs in the eyes and face

Were switched around to a new place

    As if the sexual dichotomy

    Could be explained just by anatomy

Instinct and Music    < top >

Follow down some rose's path

Brush away the thorns it hath

When you find a gentle knoll

Ease your feelings from your soul


If your feelings disagree

Man is pure dichotomy

Thoughts will ripple like a pond

Things once important are quickly gone


When you waken it will seem

That you've mistaken truth and dreams

And when the music cools your brain

Deeper truths will entertain

The Bubble Blower    < top >

Life is like

    A bubble blower
Blowing sometimes faster

    And sometimes slower

Sometimes blowing soft
    Like a gentle breeze
Sometimes with a cough

    Or a sneeze

Some bubbles are green
     And some are yellow
Some people are mean
    And some are mellow

Some rise to the top
    Some just pretend
But they all pop
    In the end

Poor, Middle-Class or Wealthy?    < top >

I dreamt about a questionnaire

There were only three questions there


Namely - how would God describe me?
Poor, middle-class or wealthy?


But I couldn't say what His choice would be

Since each one does describe me

Ever, Ever Again    < top >

No dreams remind me now

As they did then somehow
    Calling out your quiet name

    Here is my answer: "The same."
For all our expectations

Faltering now in recollections

    Of something that happened back then

    Not now, nor ever, ever again

The Meditating Mind    < top >

Ever More Slowly    < top >

Suddenly I notice your sensuality
Surging and vibrating with vitality
    As you and I stood in the stairway
    Struggling to walk ever more slowly

        The steps stretching out to eternity
        Curving and twisting erotically

    Like your skirt of flowers and flames
    Brightly blooming their Latin names
        As we stood at the doorway ...

A Good Society
   < top >

I dreamt about an ancient city
It had been re-discovered only recently
    The people were like white Indians
    From a time Pre-Colombian
And a group of wise men from the American Revolution
Were making a statement about social evolution
    And the honoring - or preservation - of history

    It seemed to resolve a tremendous mystery ...

But when I awoke I had forgotten what they said
It was something like:
    "A good society honors itself by not being dead"

The Lady Guitarist    < top >

Images flow sweetly
Of messages incompletely

    While dangling dark hair

    Dangles when and where

    She jangles them down there


Softly singing - such angelic

Loftily ringing with much harmonics
    Melting lyrics in my mind

    I felt things fearful - yet divine

Until it seemed
    As though I had met her
In some dream
    That I don't quite remember

I Shall Shed This Shameful Shell    < top >

I age, I fade, I feeble fold

I know, in a way, I will soon be very old
Soon these steaming streams gone cold ...


    No more ~ hot breast - pulsing
    Just a core ~ of rotting flesh - revolting

What I Can Share    < top >

I want to share the peacefulness

Of  loveless-ness

    Enraptured fulfillment

    To know no commitment

No person depending

On me to be tending

    To their needs

    No promises to keep

No promises to break

No solace to fake

    I feel more sincere

    More tranquil, more clear


Houndee's Poem    < top >

I dreamt about my dog

I was trying to teach him to talk

    I held his snout

    But nothing came out

(Except his slimy tongue)

And I concluded it couldn't be done

Dear Georgina    < top >

Your slender smile still whispers in my ear

But what are you saying?  I only hear

    The whispers of an evening breeze

    Lazy intoxication crossing the seas ...


    To my isle of inquisitiveness

            -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

I'm re-living my memory of meeting you again

There's a panorama of facial expressions and then -

    Then I loose track of the logical events

    But somehow, to me, it makes perfect sense ...

Fernanda of the Pool    < top >

You are quite ~ a mixture

Just like ~ paint in a picture

    Now swirling ~ now blending

    Legs curling ~ arms extending

Now speaking ~ now silent

You look meekly ~ but I think your feelings are vibrant

    Now asking ~ for admirers

    But none lasting ~ to inspire her

Completely ~ to tranquility
So she meets me ~ smiling saucily

    Eyes flashing ~ waves splashing

    Lips laughing ~ plans mapping

        -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 

Then with time ~ all expired

She climbs ~ up a little higher

    To terrestrial ~ existence

    Like the passage of ~ an amphibian

My Resume Attitude    < top >

I want a new job
    But I feel like

    I look like

A slob!

Hair uncombed

Eyes look stoned

    Teeth are crooked

    I'm a mess to look at!

My clothes are wrinkled

My face is sprinkled

    With zits -

    Its the pits!

My glasses are scratched

My clothes are patched

I feel like a chicken that just hatched!

I want a new job

    But I feel like

    I look like

A slob!

Having Company Over    < top >

I talk to myself a lot

Sometimes I'm the only friend that I've got


A weird new reality

Has long been inside of me

Churning out personalities

(I'm learning about my own versatility)

In treating my loneliness pain
By feeding my mind with the drones in my brain


    This strange gift of autonomy

    Means they are lifted from being just memories

    To dreams that can shift about as they please

    Seeming to live as my company


So if you note I'm conversing

With folks who are unseen

And you don't know what it means

I'm just alone with my daydreams

Time and Chance   < top >

You should never say "never"
    Its such a lovely word

It never should be spoke

    Yet often is it heard


Would you like an example?
The supply is ample.

For example:


I will never die

I will never break down and cry

Truth is something I would never deny

And I know that I would never get high


I would never commit that sin

Its true, I might consider it - but I would never begin
    I will never be divorced
    I will never be coerced or forced

I would never start a fight
And I would never ever hit my wife

And whatever else happens, I am sure of this at least
I know that I will never, ever take the Mark of the Beast

But you should never say "never"
    Since you never really know

No-one really knows whether they ever

    Will - or they won't

There We Stood    < top >

There we stood ~ the music pausing
Dancing, spinning, moving, causing

When I said: "I'm feeling thirsty"
She replied as in a mystery:

"I am thirsting - but not for water"
In my arms, I held her, caught her

Meaning she:  I need this movement
More than basic life fullfillment

For some reason transcendental
Lovely both in body, mental  


Is This Love?    < top >

Is this Love? ~ a strange delight

Why is it such ~ a strain and a fight?

Is it gentle ~ softly soothing?

Or is it mentally ~ abusing?


Strangely ~ tugging

This way of ~ loving

To listen ~ hopeful

For visions ~ that are so full


Of pleasure ~ and passion

In measureless ~ fashion


To taunt ~ and excite me

As she flaunts it ~ beside me

But ... is this love?

Tus Ojos Lindos
   < top >

Tus ojos lindos, como el mar

Suaves, blandos tocar


Tus hombros sensuales

Atraer me con senales


Energia feminina

En las sombras una bailarina ...


Cuantos anos te he conocido -

    Siempre veo tu belleza

Y espero que nuestra amistad

    Se engrandezca

© 1990 - 2006, Tim Sverduk.