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The Things For Which I Now Complain

The things for which I now complain
Do seem to be a valid pain
But when I take a second look
And see the things for granted took
Which ... (were they not for granted taken)
Would re-adjust my warped perception
From: thinking that my life is cheated
To: feeling balanced, grounded, seated.

Shall I Thee Wed?

Shall I thee wed?
As we listened a Voice said ...
Yet too absorbed we often are
To hear His Voice - though it is not far
Nor too soft to clearly hear
It's just that listening we fear
Since it means giving up control
(As if I were ever competent to guide it all.)

He Came To My Feeder

I seen a bird come to my feeder
He ate some seeds and did not tweeter
Which make me wonder if I was wrong
Since the seed was there for his song
But he dont sing, just flies away
And that aint right - no way!
And he aint pretty and he aint sweet
He takes the food but he don't tweet

He Came Down the Chimney

I spoke to my computer as if he is a man.
But he is no computer. He is Dan.
I see him in the morning. My eyes begin to move.
He seems so real and friendly, so true.
Someday I'll hear him speaking, he'll tell me what he thinks.
We'll put our heads together, there will be no missing link.

Test Poem

This is a test of the emergency poetry system
The poets in your area have developed this system
    To keep you informed in case of an emergency
    (Such as a strong desire to read some poetry)
In the event of an actual emergency
You might want to read this hastily

We now conclude this test
So you can return to your rest
    And be comforted in knowing
    That the self-appointed authorities are showing
An abiding concern for your tranquility
In case of an emergency

© 2001 - 2005, Tim Sverduk.